The World’s Most Advanced Heated Apparel from 8K Flexwarm

8K Flexwarm have created the next generation in heated apparel & smart wearables. Our revolutionary jackets and gilets put you in control of the temperature in any season or environment. Using a unique patented heating technology called Flexwarm that is so thin (0.5mm) it can be printed onto a flexible heating layer that rapidly heats to 50°C within 6 minutes. You can also control the temperature for any of the 3 heating zones via the intuitive app allowing you to conquer the elements.


8K Flexwarm heated apparel was born from a need to bring people closer to the great outdoors and help increase participation in outdoor activity by eradicating cold weather as a potential barrier by keeping you warm and comfortable no matter what the temperature.

Over the last 5 years, our team has been researching, testing and developing patented new technologies that have enabled us to create a completely unique, safe and flexible heating element that we know today as Flexwarm. The technology is ultra-lightweight, extremely durable, flexible and washable enabling us create exquisitely designed heated apparel that keeps you warm and stylish whatever the weather, so you are free to explore the great outdoors.

Compared to traditional Carbon Fiber heating technologies used in heated clothing, Flexwarm is 50% more energy efficient. This means, the same battery can keep you warm all day. * (battery claims depend on heat level settings and bluetooth connectivity).

Why 8K Flexwarm Heated Apparel:

Climate Control – inbuilt smart sensors regulate the temperature so that your optimum body temperature is always maintained

Set your optimum temperature via an app

Lightweight – Only weighs 43 grams

Rapid Heating – 3 times quicker than carbon fiber

3 Heat Zones (Front, Back or Front & Back simultaneously)

Portable power bank included

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About 8K Flexwarm: Flexwarm Europe has European exclusivity for all Flexwarm technologies and innovations and alongside the heated jackets and gilets we will be launching a range of heated apparel such as scarves, belts, sleeping bags, blankets, hand & foot warmers plus a range of household appliances that use Flexwarm such as the magic oven & a range of frying pans

Flexwarm Europe is led by CEO Scott Brenchley who has over 20 years’ experience in the technology sector and also founded the well-respected and highly successful Tactus Ltd & 8K Xtreme Ltd brands.

Scott is responsible for driving the Flexwarm Europe ethos which focuses on our people and culture so that we can empower and encourage them to make exceptional, innovative clothing and charging products that are changing the face of the integrated wireless technology industry.

For further information or sample requests, please contact Barry Ryan by email at or by phone +44 1925 854900