Corporate Social Responsibility

Above and Beyond

As a global technology company, Flexwarm fully recognizes that its actions have far-reaching consequences.

Flexwarm proactively embraces the challenge of making a positive difference - by committing to wildlife protection, preschool education, business incubation, and R&D support. Flexwarm believes that anything can be achieved with the right attitude and it is passionate about working with like-minded partners that care for the society and the environment.

Guarding the wildlife in Hoh Xil

Hoh Xil is locating in the northwest of Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, with an average elevation of over 4,600 meters. It is such an alpine and cold steppe environment, with winter all around the year, and thus it is called the forbidden zone of life. Unbelievably, A magical species, Tibetan antelope, thrives in that harsh environment.

For more than 20 years, generations of mountain scouts in Hoh Xil have been guarding this pristine land in extreme climates. Their tireless effort prevent the Tibetan antelope from being poached for their soft and warm wool. Driven by the desire to protect wildlife by using the safest technology, in Jul 2018, Flexwarm customized more than 1000 smart heated jackets for mountain scouts and gave it away. Flexwarm believed that, by doing so, mountain scouts could stay warm every time they walk on ice outside, and thereby, they could better protect the Tibetan antelope in Hoh Xil.

Guarding the wildlife in Hoh Xil

For the inventors of tomorrow

As a technology-oriented company, Flexwarm thinks highly of the amazing power of creativity and, it believes that creativity empowers innovation. Cultivating creativity should be started from kids' early age. However, in China, a country with high level of masculinity, children are always forced to learn reading, counting, and English in the early age, and thus they grow up under pressure all the time.

Byron Huang aware that these pressures will suppress children's creativity and, in today's world where technologies iterate rapidly, nothing is more important than the ability to think and act creatively. So he decided to establish the Sunny Kid Kindergarten with a different philosophy, returning the right of self-determined play to children and communities in an environment defined by love, risk, joy, engagement, and reflection. In the Sunny Kid Kindergarten, instead of being taught different subjects every day, children lead their play and self-expression. Children chose what, where and with whom to play, and teachers support their growth and reflection that takes place in the classroom.

Byron Huang believes, by offering this kindergarten to the community, parents will gradually adopt the new philosophy of raising kids and let the children discover and learn in play. In this way, the kids' potential of creativity would be maximized and, maybe in the future, the kids will become inventors who develop thousands of new technologies.

For the inventors of tomorrow

IMM initiative

Launched by the founder of Flexwarm, Byron Huang, IMM initiative is a program aiming to incubate enterprises, with the core principle of integrating Inventor(I), Manufacturer(M) and Market(M) into one closed-loop. Since the launch of the IMM initiative, there have been involvements of multiple high-tech teams from intelligent robots and smart home appliances fields.

Those who join the IMM initiative could share over 200 global patents from Flexwarm, as well as top heating and sensor technology. Flexwarm would also introduce high-quality manufacturer to participants, accelerating their realization of technology. On top of that, Flexwarm could facilitate participants to promote the application of the technology in the market, by connecting them to domestic and foreign customers, and different sales platforms.

The idea behind this initiative is to enable whoever has creative ideas, no matter rich or poor, to create their products by leveraging modular Flexwarm technology and IMM platform. Flexwarm works towards using technology to make the world more equal and empowering innovation via core technology.

Joint Laboratory for Wearable Robotics

The more creative young people there are, the more hope there will be for Chinese manufacturing. Based on the vision to empower innovation via core technology, Flexwarm set up a joint laboratory for wearable robotics with the South China University of Technology.

The research and development team in the laboratory is composed of professionals from high-tech fields such as medical care, aviation, robotics, navigation system, modeling and UAV, as well as professors, researchers and excellent students from the South China University of Technology.

Throughout the integration of multiple industry perspectives and the brainstorming of the new generation and mature generation of scientific research talents, the lab integrates the innovative thinking of different fields into one product and thus creates something more interesting, something more practical, and something that can make the world a better place.

Joint Laboratory for Wearable Robotics

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