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About Flexwarm

Guangdong Flexwarm Advanced Materials & Technology Co., Ltd. (‘Flexwarm’ or ‘Flexwarm Technology’) is a world-leading Thick Film Technology expert with four core technologies:

Flexwarm - Precise Temperature Control Technology

Flexense - High-Precision Sensing Technology

Flexsteam - Nano Steam Technology

Deeplogic - Precise Algorithm

Our company concentrates on the R&D of technology. So far, it has ab unmanned automatic chemical factory, a laboratory with ITS Global Certification, - 70℃ extreme low temperature simulation laboratory, etc. It has achieved 300 + global patents around world.

We have also published two academic papers about Flexible Electronics on Nature, the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journal.

Adhering to the concept of "precision and safety", our company has widely applied Flexwarm series technology in:

Smart wearable industry

Small household appliances industry

Smart home textile industry

Electric heating industry

E-cigarette industry

New energy automobile industry

Medical industry

Communication industry

We provide innovative solutions to break through traditional industries.

We promote innovation with science and technology, and we change life with innovation.

Company Profile


Thick Film Precise Heating Technology

High-Precision Sensing Technology

Nano Steam Technology


Smart Heating Scarf

Menstrual Relief Belt

Smart Heating Eyeshade

Smart Heating Clothes

Smart Heating Blanket

Smart Heating Waist Belt

Smart Heating Knee Pad

Smart Heating Cushion

Wireless Iron

Nano Steam Iron

Nano Hand Steamer

Nano Steam Mop

Electric Heating Floor


Company Profile