Flexwarm Honors

Awards and Honors

From our products to our leadership team, we are proud to be publicly recognized for our achievements every year. Below are some of the most recent honors resulting from our work and advocacy efforts in Marketing and R&D.

Company Recognition

Mar 2016 - Discipline Professional Concept, German iF Design Award

Sep 2016 - in the national start-up group, China Youth Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Mar 2017 - German Red Dot Design Award

Jul 2017 - in the semi-final of Guangzhou's new material sector, China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Jul 2017 - Rated as Outstanding Civilian Contractors that are going for the Military Market, military-civilian integration in Guangzhou. Only 3 out of 130 contractors got the award

Aug 2017 - Listed in the Guangzhou's technology and product catalog of Civilian contractors that are serving for Military

Oct 2017 - in Entrepreneurial Leaders, The Qinglan Program

Oct 2017 - Intelligent Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Award,Delta Creativity and Innovation Celebration

Oct 2017 - in Entrepreneurial Leaders of Panyu, with 2 million RMB bonus

Awards for CEO, Byron Huang

May 2017 - National May 4th medal for "good youth" of innovation and entrepreneurship, the only winner from Guangdong province

Jan 2018 - Speaker of Ted x Zhujiang New Town: Core technology empowers innovation-15 years of exploration in China's manufacturing industry

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