Flexwarm History

In 2011, Bryon was already a successful entrepreneur in the steam generating sector, with annual sales of hundreds of million RMB. That year, he realized that the steam generating products lacked core competitiveness – everyone was fighting a price war, and the underlying technology was much the same. Driven by a desire to look for heating technology with independent IP rights and core competitiveness, Bryon sold the business to his co-founder and set up a new company called Flexwarm.

It was 2012 when Bryon the first time came into contact with a thick film heating firm. Their 5000W high-power thick film made the tech-savvy team exultant. However, after further investigation, it was found out that the technology was neither stable nor reliable, so the team had to start a new search.

The concept of applying thick film technology had left a deep impression on Bryon and the team. In the following two years, they kept looking for that technology in the pearl river delta region, the most developed manufacturing region in China and found five out of more than 20 thick film suppliers that could cooperate in depth. It was a long negotiating journey before Flexwarm finalized the partner – TianHeShun, which company agreed to facilitate Flexwarm to develop a new thick film heating technology. TianHeShun introduced Flexwarm a key people, Baoqing Chen, a senior engineer from TianHeShun who had been known in the field of thick film and had developed a variety of sensors and integrated circuits using thick film technology. Baoqing soon developed the fundamental thick film heating technology and began to inspire Bryon to do tests he had not thought of before. Gradually, Bryon realized that this thick film heating technology could be used not only in the steam generating products but also in many other fields.

The year 2013 to 2016 was the period for continuous research and development. Bryon and Baoqing kept exploring new limits and new application scenarios of thick film heating technology. They gradually had the consent that the thick film technology had a huge market potential and thus they should jointly promote the innovation of heating technology again. It wasn't long before TianHeShun merged into Flexwarm.

In 2017, Flexwarm raised multi-million dollars of crowdfunding for its new product from platforms like Indegogo and Kickstarer, and since then it opened itself a new chapter.

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