Flexsteam® inside
Nano Steam Technology

Flexsteam is a nano-steam technology based on the physical principle of negative ion generation in natural waterfall: Under the action of patented heating elements, water is rapidly converted into nano-size steam molecules through high temperature and pressure, achieving high performance. Meanwhile, a large number of healthy negative ions are formed during the continuous collision of steam particles.

Flexsteam technology does not produce any ozone which causes discomfort to human body. The production process of nano-steam follows the law of nature without any side effects.

≤ 100nm

Diameter of steam molecules

20 Times

Strong penetration to reach depply


Bacteria Killing Rate


Mites Killing Rate

Rapid evaporation

No water left after use

Millions of

Healthy negative ions

Core Patented Components

Patented Steam Generator

Nano-size steam molecules produced from the steam generator are 20 times smaller than normal water molecules. Large amount of negative ions are released through the generation of nano steam molecules, which are more effective for cleaning.

Patented Water Pump

It precisely controls water flows. With the combination the patented steam generator, continuous burst of steam can be achieved.



Test Report for Negative Ions

Test Report for Bacteria Killing

Test Report for Mites Killing

Detection of Microorganisms and Analysis Report from Guangdong Province
2019FM03150R01 2019FM03150R02

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