Electric Heating Floor

Electric heating floor provides a great solution for comfortable indoor environment, it is scientific, easy to install with high efficiency

Easy Installation with Few Spaces

The heating system is set under the floor, occupying only few spaces.

Safe, Stable and Low-Cost

Our electric floor heating technology is absolutely safe and durable. It has good waterproof performance, no pipe network facilities, no pipe running, emitting, dripping, leakage and other problems, so basically no maintenance cost.

A Scientific, Comfortable and Healthy Heating Way

Far infrared ray is produced during heating, which has the function of physical therapy and health care, promoting human metabolism and blood circulation. The heat is even from the sole of the foot with excellent comfort.

Extremely Low Energy Consumption and High Efficiency

It heats instantly with fast temperature rise. The control mode is flexible, which can be controlled either in a centralized way or in separate rooms and households. Compared with the traditional heating method, it has lower energy consumption with energy saving up to 30%.

Smart Temperature Control

Fully automatic and precise control according to the time and temperature set. The monitor and screen is LCD, which is convenient for setting and applicable for all conditions.

Comfortable and Silent Experience

Non-mechanical operation without noise, making a comfortable and non-intrusive environment.

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